Amos Yee Reflection

First impression Amos Yee gives me is that his racist, insensitive, ignorant, dishonest and rebellious. This is due to the recent headlines he made and the video he posted recently. For example, videos about him ranting and making fun of religions, Lee Kuan Yew’s death and him promoting dropping out of school. However, i was […]

Heritage trail- Singapore river

              The reason why i choose this heritage trail is because Singapore river is a place with rich culture, valuable historic buildings and most importantly values to learn from. Starting from Raffles Place station and ends at Boat Quay shop houses. Along the trail I have also visited Cavenagh bridge, […]

week 5 reflection

What is a “good country” to me? Do I consider Singapore a good country? A “good country” to me is firstly being safe and stable, secondly catering to the needs of the citizens, lastly creating opportunities for the citizens.I would consider singapore as a good country as it have fulfilled my three main criterias of […]

Global voices This article caught my eyes when I was browsing through the web page. It is about a Russian man being jailed because he was recording the police detaining 2 women wearing Islamic hijab in Tajikistan which is an ex-soviet state. I find that the sentence by the authorities was ridiculous as he was mere […]

Unusual occupations in Singapore

I believe we have all dreamt about being an astronaut, celebrity, police man, president and many more. But now we have some kids dreaming about being competitive E-sport gamers. With hundred millions of active gamers everyday it is no surprise that the gaming industry is taken more seriously as it did decade ago. For example, […]

What? We kind of caused the Haze?

  Remember that time where haze arrived in Singapore unexpectedly and there was even a shortage of M25 mask? In recent years Singapore is facing serious haze problems caused by neighbouring country Indonesia. During the height of the haze 2 years ago in Singapore the Pollutant Standards Index reached 401 hazardous level which can cause […]

Worker writes

Lamp post by Mohor Khan Streets with no madding crowds, its traffic melodious spotless as the hearts of the civilized people of this city diverse with crafted monuments Trees nurtured as carefully as children Among their branches the kokila sings with the magical voice of forever spring Everyday, with the perfect touch of the bottomless love […]