Amos Yee Reflection

First impression Amos Yee gives me is that his racist, insensitive, ignorant, dishonest and rebellious. This is due to the recent headlines he made and the video he posted recently. For example, videos about him ranting and making fun of religions, Lee Kuan Yew’s death and him promoting dropping out of school. However, i was actually surprised when i did more research. In his past videos Amos Yee posted about book reviews and even announce that he provides tuition at an affordable pricing for students. Though his videos in the past do include a small amount of vulgarities it is in fact funny and relatable.

This shows that Amos Yee is actually not as negative as he is now. I believe that his misguided in his education either in school or at home. This is really unfortunate in my opinion as i felt that Amos Yee is quite intelligent. I also find it weird that instead of trying to guide him back to the right direction some people are supporting his hate speech videos. For example, there is a comment supporting Amos Yee on the video Refuting Islam With Quran says “I love this video, it’s so funny”. The reason why i feel that it is wrong to support his recent videos is because the way he crafts his arguments is wrong. I feel that there is always a peaceful and civilized method to craft a arguments. For example, instead of ranting about the government with vulgarities and complaining about the flaws, do write letters to the specific government bodies about the issues and your suggestions to solve the issue so you don’t upset people and stuff can be done. Also, I have observed that there is a lot of negative comments scolding him about the videos that he is making. When you are using vulgarities to scold people what difference do you have with Amos Yee. I would however suggest either we show our unhappiness in a more calm manner and support his previous videos to make him know that the way he acted in the past should be the correct way and not the way that he is using now.

In conclusion i feel that Amos Yee is a misguided teen in his rebellious years and more effort should be made to guide him back to the right track. I also agree a lot with what Mr Ong have said during the class ” Amos Yee is still a Singaporean” because i think that a country is like a family and we should not give up on any family member and instead help them.


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