week 5 reflection

What is a “good country” to me? Do I consider Singapore a good country?

A “good country” to me is firstly being safe and stable, secondly catering to the needs of the citizens, lastly creating opportunities for the citizens.I would consider singapore as a good country as it have fulfilled my three main criterias of a good country.

Firstly, singapore is a very safe and stable country. Singapore have long been considered as one of the safest country to reside, this is further supported by statistics showing singapore’s crime rate is to be one of the lowest. Personally i would feel relatively safe walking home around midnight and won’t be worrying anyone assaulting me and the pavements are well lighted but if i compare this to foreign country where the streets are very dark at night and you would feel threatened by the darkness and the things and people roaming behind it.

Secondly, Singapore caters to the needs of it citizens. For example, singaporeans felt that the maternity leave for the parents to take care of their children is too short and it would be very expensive to hire caretakers for babies singapore then extended the maternity leave duration for the citizens. Also, looking around your neighbourhood you can see that facilities such as basket ball court, football fields,  food court, library, malls and fitness stations are very common and accessible. This ensures that the citizens can keep fit and enjoy their leisure times. From all of the examples i have stated all showed that Singapore caters to the needs of the people.

Lastly, Singapore creates opportunities for the citizen. Singapore has a very defined and well structured education system creating many local talents. This ensures that the citizens would be able to find a very good job when they enter the workforce. Also, singapore constantly reach out to major international companies to set up companies in singapore to create jobs. Also, Singapore also promote international co-operation for sectors such as art to allow local artist to have experience for major projects.

Hence, i believe that singapore is a “good country” and i believe that singapore will remain as a “good country” for time to come.


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