Unusual occupations in Singapore

I believe we have all dreamt about being an astronaut, celebrity, police man, president and many more. But now we have some kids dreaming about being competitive E-sport gamers.

With hundred millions of active gamers everyday it is no surprise that the gaming industry is taken more seriously as it did decade ago. For example, League of Legend a game which has 27 millions of active daily users is a multi-billion company. The game is not just popular in one continent by around the globe, ranging from north America to Asia. The company have also put out a qualifying system for their world tournaments like the Olympics. In each region, teams must participate in local and international mini tournaments to earn points to qualify for the world tournament. These world tournaments conducted by the company has millions of people watching either virtually or live. In 2015, the world competition’s final was held in Korea last year and the stadium was filled with people from all around the globe to witness the games. This even lead to countries such as United States of America to recognise E-sport gamers as professional athletes.

In Singapore company like Garena also held mini competitions for local talents to participate. Although the market is not as popular as it is in European country and America country. We do have quite a decent amount of people supporting and participating in the events. For example, a local competitive E-sport gamer with a nick name Chawy was able push his career to a greater stage by joining an international team and wining international competitions. We can see that even in Singapore there is room for E-sport competitive gamers to be successful.

However, I find that being a competitive E-sport gamer Is unconventional in Singapore. In Singapore the idea of being a gamer and earning sufficient money for living is near impossible to most. Our way of thinking is that you can only be successful if you do jobs such as doctors, lecturers, lecturers or lawyers. But this really open my eyes to what is possible if you think outside of conventional ways. Personally I am a gamer myself and I admire them for their job. Doing what they love and getting paid. But I know there is always hard work behind their games. Making sure they understand every inch of the game and taking full advantage of it. This too can be applied to our daily life. Hard work is the key to success.


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