Global voices This article caught my eyes when I was browsing through the web page. It is about a Russian man being jailed because he was recording the police detaining 2 women wearing Islamic hijab in Tajikistan which is an ex-soviet state.

I find that the sentence by the authorities was ridiculous as he was mere video recording the incident. Also, why are women in Tajikistan not allowed to wear Islamic hijab? It is ones’ right to decide which religion and ideology they would like to follow. I believe the authority have no right to interfere with the faith the people would like to follow. Forcing others into believing something they don’t is the cause of conflict in history. For example, the crusade which is a series of military campaign fought because of religion and with the most recent terrorist group Islamic states boasting its holy war. After the video was publicised the authority was criticised heavily from the public. It shows that a lot of people are against the actions that the authority had taken towards the issue.

I am very glad that Singapore allows religious freedom as not everyone would follow the same ideas as others. We can see a wide and diverse religions in Singapore such as Islam, Buddhism, Christianity and Hinduism coexist peacefully in Singapore. Though muslim women cannot wear Hijab at governmental facilities and public schools for security reasons, they do enjoy the freedom of wearing their Hijab after their school or work. This article also reminds me about a incident in Singapore. It was about a teen blogger named Amos Yee. Amos Yee was arrested after making insensitive remarks towards major religions in Singapore such as Christianity and Islam. In my opinion he should not have make those remarks as his intention was to create unrest in the country. Being a country with wide and diverse religions it is important that we remain sensitive about one another religions to prevent misunderstanding that once lead to the race riot which caused people to lose their lives. Hence, I supported the actions taken by the authorities in Singapore and more counselling should be given to him. In the global context I am also a strong supporter of religious freedom especially in countries where ones’ religion is judged by the society. I believe that one day, everyone will be able to live together in peace if we accept them for who they are.


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