Made in singapore

Did you know the small little device capable of storing billions of files and fits in your pocket that is known as thumb drive is invented in Singapore?

Initially it was created by a Singapore based company Trek and by the end of year 2000, Trek technology have started partnering with IBM to sell the first usb thumb drive capable of storing 8Mb. Though most still prefered the more popular Sandisk and CDs during that time, the thumb drive was also slowly gaining its popularity with how convenient it is. This invention was then further improved and upgraded and now we can purchase an affordable thumbdrive that is able to store 1Tb worth of information. That is nearly 1 billion times better!

This technology have benefited the society enormously. With the ability to carry 100 books worth of information with just a small device. We can conduct academic, business and governmental activities with much ease. Although we can share files online nowadays, thumb drive is still favoured by most of us as the online storage is often vulnerable to cyber threats, massive data loss and file size limitation. From my personal experience having one of the thumb drive i found it very useful and effective especially if i have projects to do, we can store our work which can be quite huge in file size inside the thumb drive instead of bringing our heavy bulky laptops to school. It just make file sharing so much easier. This is definitely one of my favourite singapore innovations so far.

Some people might think that Singapore as a small country can’t be a innovative nation but only a working nation where the citizens can’t be entrepreneurs but only workers. But I think that Singapore citizens have proven to the world that they are wrong. Singapore over the past have created and invented many useful and groundbreaking technologies and products. For example, we have the MP3 players, Carousell and world’s first dating sites.

Personally, if i am a innovator i would create a small tag device that emits sound when you press a software on your mobile device. This small tag is designed to help users find their objects such as television remote controller, wallet, bag and jewelry, user can also set it’s volume and categorize the items with names. Lastly, you can also set your tag to auto set off the sound on your mobile phone and the item when it is out of 12 meters range, this can then help to prevent theft and misplacement of valuable items. I have this idea because i think that we as human might be forgetful and careless sometimes and might left our things behind without knowing or lost it in the house, finding these objects often take quite some time and might cause us to be late for our school or work or have unnecessary worried feeling. I believe this will be very beneficial to us especially in our daily life.


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