What kind of parent do i want to be?

I would like to be the kind of father that teaches my children good values, training my children to be independent and responsible, reason with my children, play with my children and definitely a caring father.

Firstly, i would like to be a father that teaches my children good values. I believe that being an  adult with good values is very important as it ensures that no matter how successful my children will be when he grow up, he will be able to be satisfied with his life.

Secondly, i would like to be the kind of father to train my children to independent and responsible. Being independent is very important as it helps my children to adapt to environments quickly. No need to wait for people to spoon feed them instructions but them taking initiative to complete tasks. This will be a great advantage for them when they grow up. Being responsible will be a great deal too as it ensures that they will reflect about their mistakes and not commit them again.

Thirdly, i would like to be the kind of father that reasons with my children. I will not use force in educating children, even if i had to. I will make sure that i am not angry when punishing my children physically. This is to let them know that i punish them not because i am angry but because they did something wrong and i would tell that what they did wrong before i punish them. I will listen to what my children have to say about situations and consider them in my decision making. For example, if my children wants to get a iphone, i will ask him why do he need to have a phone. I will then explain to him when i accepted or rejected their request and find an alternative solution if i rejected their request.

Fourthly, I will be that kind of father that plays with their children. I will bring them to new places, experience new food and find a common hobby with my children. This is because the bond between father and children is very important as my children would be more willing to share his or her troubles with me. I would be able to help him overcome his or her problems.

Lastly, i would like to be a caring father. I would make sure that i show and articulate the message that i love them. There is not a need for reasons to love them.

In conclusion, i want to be a great father for my children.

My character result.







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