First blog post, first reflection. (week 1)

Why is one rebellious? 

I can relate to the lesson very much about being rebellious during the young age. Escaping from responsibilities, creating troubles for the adults and being punished afterwards. However, I started wonder why am i so rebellious in the past? I came out with some possible reasons.

Firstly, the parenting style. Being the youngest child and the only boy among my siblings in an outdated chinese ideology given me a huge amount of care and attention from my parents. This made me to believe that whatever trouble i caused will not be punished harshly. Secondly, the environment. My family and i arrived in singapore on 2005 and i came here without any english foundation. Due to the language barrier i had, i wasn’t able to make friends with my schoolmates from primary school and my result is one of the worst in the whole cohort. This made me feel like i was useless and there was no point studying when you don’t understand what they are saying. Lastly, the peer pressure. Being a boy with bad grades and bad english, i can only hang out with friends with bad grades and english… However, there were not the best kind of friends to hang out with as they often get into fights and smoke illegally.(I did not get into that) They reinforced the belief that i am a loser and so i acted like one. This are some reason that i thought might cause one to be a rebellious person.

However, in conclusion. I believe that being rebellious is only part and parcel of life and everyone is able to change for a better.

Ending this with a joke.

My mum would always tell me this line “remember don’t hang out with bad friends!” and i would always have this thought to myself “i am the bad influence.” 🙂


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